My Favorite Earrings

My Favorite Earrings

 Here I am, sitting in my garden, trying to photograph jewelry for my Etsy site. There is hilarity in trying to get images of jewelry being worn when you are the only person available. 


Being directly confronted by the aging that has happened at a very close range... silvery hairs threaded between my brown ones is challenging. Sun damage and wrinkles almost drove me into the house to add some concealing makeup. Then, of course there is the extra weight added by menopause.

In conversation with myself, I decided this is who I am, no need to conceal or filter. I prefer to go without makeup, be in comfortable jeans and t-shirt with some cowboy boots ( to make me feel confident when I am not feeling strong)! My favorite earrings I have made to date are my Glastonbury Festival Hoops...just a little hippie vibe from a bygone era!

Here I am wearing them and keeping it real!

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